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Aerosol Dispenser Series:

LCD Aerosol dispenser
LED Aerosol dispenser
NON Aerosol dispenser
Fan type Aerosol dispenser
Remote Aerosol dispenser
Mini (110ml) Aerosol dispenser


Aerosol Valve & Actutors, Tinplate can, Aluminum can, Plastic Caps:

Aerosol Valve & Actutors,Can,Caps


Aroma Diffuser,Air purifier Series:

Car & Home Aroma diffuser
Car & Home Air purifer


Soap Dispenser Series:

Automatic Soap Dispenser
Manual Soap Dispenser
Foam Soap Dispenser
Staineless Steel Soap dispenser


Sanitizer Dispenser Series:

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
Urinal Sanitizer Dispenser
Toilet Seat Cover Sanitizer  dispenser


Paper Dispenser Series:

Manual Autocut Paper dispenser
Sensor Autocut Paper dispenser
Plastic Paper dispenser
Stainless Steel Paper dispenser


Pest Control Series:

Pest Repeller
Mosquito Killer

Mosquito Vaporizer
Mosquito Mat Vaporizer
Mosquito Liquid Vaporizer
Mosquito Mat & Liquid Vaporizer


Hand Dryer, Hair & Skin Dryer Series:

Hand dryer, Hair & Skin dryer


Cleaning Tool,Hotel,Bathroom Series:

Cleaning Tool,Hotel,Bathroom


Cleaning&Cosmetic Packaging Series:

Trigger Sprayer
Left-Right Lotion Pumpt
Screw Lotion Pump
Perfume Mist Sprayer
Screw Microsprayer
Perfume Atomizer
Cream Bottle
Nail Pump
Plastic Cap
Pet Bottle
Aluminum Bottle